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a couple generations lost in space

the Freaks, Nerds & Romantics
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I want to read stories about CTY. You know that teenage romance- not in a smoochy General Hospital sense, more like a life is amazing and interesting sense- that inflated every other minute? I think it would be rad if people would post specific stories full of that romance: moments, afternoons, evenings, trips to town, kisses, talent shows, heartbreaks, reunions-

I also like the idea of people posting evocative pictures under an lj-cut. Minimal text, just a picture of some people being CTY.

I went to a couple of sessions at Franklin & Marshall in the mid-90s, and y'know- yeah, you know- I'd be a totally different person if I hadn't. You would too.

Here is the experiment of this community: I want to read these stories and see these pictures, and I know a bunch of other people do, too. But since we've all gone to different places at different times, I'd like for posts here not to be too specific- like, other CTY communities are full of "I'm [somebody] and I went [somewhere, sometime], here is what I have to say." I'd rather skip all the general introduction so that a specific story gets kind of generalized, so that anybody who's been to CTY can relate to it. I mean, don't be the gestapo about it, obviously stories are sort of tethered to where and when they happened. I'd just rather focus on the story than on the where and when. You know? I'm not really big on introduction posts that don't say much.

Don't worry about that too much though. I just want to read stories.

Come on, I know you've got a million of 'em.

Hey, okay. I am making a new rule, like in Calvinball: no community promos. Sorry and thanks.

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