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Hey kids. I um... this is my current livejournal; I was using illscientist when I started this community, but I decided I'd rather be a girl than a boy, so I got a new livejournal and kind of ignored everything about my old one for a while. It's all very complicated- or, actually, it's pretty straightforward. whatever. A non-trans community run by a trans person! Ack, it is crazy! Almost as if transsexuals1 were human beings...

Though of course that's not really what I'm posting about. I am your humble community maintainer. I haven't really paid much attention to this little monster in a long time, which sucks because while it's rarely updated, I just blew through a bunch of what's been posted in the last year or so and it totally broke my heart. In that good way. And a ton of people joined while I wasn't paying attention! You guys are friggin' great, and CTY's still the weird, beautiful little world for me that it was for you, so I'd like to read about it more.

Meaning, one, there's room for fifty-three more interests on the info page, and I was just making stuff up when I put the current ones down. And I only went to Lancaster. Do you want to suggest interests? The more obscure/un-underlined, the more awesome.

And two... as an exercise, I guess, I am going to post about a kiss. And then I want you to post about a kiss. It's easy and quick and everybody loves smoochin'!

I think that it was the second weekend of my first session, a Saturday night, and my kinda-CTY-girlfriend and I hadn't seen each other all day. It had been misting all day, so they were holding the dance in the gym, which meant heavy warm air, sweat and the weird intimacy that comes from knowing that your partner's been in this humidity all day- she's as gross as you are, so who cares?

There'd been a craft fair in the afternoon that she'd gone to with some of the kids from her dorm, and I don't even know what I'd been doing- maybe we had a band practice or sat pouring salt and pepper into sodas in the dining hall afternoon. I'd been to the fair that morning, way before she went. But... the important thing is, I wasn't sure I was with this girl, right? And then that night at the dance we did the bump into each other, run away thing kids do. We were terrified of each other.

We couldn't really keep away from each other, though, because we were in the same writing class and so we were kind of there with the same bunch of people. At some point the humidity in the gym was unbearable, and even though it hurt because we'd probably miss some wonderful song, she took my hand and we went outside, hearts ready to explode.

Water was beaded all over the yellow guardrail we stood next to, but it wasn't really raining. She pulled a hat, this dumb knitted thing with two ridiculous bobbles hanging from strings on top- she took it from her bag and gave it to me. I put it on my head and gave her this raccoon puppet I'd bought for her that morning. They were two of the dumbest presents in history, which made a lot of sense ten feet from the security folks letting kids in and out of the gym, all this yellow streetlight visible in the mist.

And then we were kissing and then we were CTY boyfriend-girlfriend. I remember jumping a lot when we split up, later that night, toward our respective dorms.

We didn't have much in common at all and I haven't spoken to her in years, but my god! She is the first girl I ever really fell in love with like that.

You know what's funny? I'm certain I muffed up all the details, who took whose hand and who bought who what, but in the end I don't care at all. Humid summer night, fifteen-year old kiss- that's it, isn't it? And god, I swear this is the only subject in the world that gets me this maudlin.

Now you should tell ME about a kiss. Er, us- tell us about a kiss.

1. Here, read up. Wikipedia does a pretty good job with it.
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